Quit Timothy 's On Whiskey Road Essay examples

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I quit-Timothy
It was my very first job. Excited and nervous I was the newest employee to the Wendy’s on Whiskey Road in Aiken, SC. Loving Wendy’s food, I couldn’t wait to start working to learn how to make it myself. Doing exactly what they expected of me, I would always be early and dressed in my uniform. I quickly learned how to do everything in the fastest way with the best quality. After only working there for a month one particular manager had remarked to me, “you’ve only been working here a month, and you already do a better job than people who’ve been working here for years.” I took that as a huge compliment. That was the biggest appreciation I ever received. In addition to being an astute worker, everyone loved working with me because I’d always make the job fun even though it could be stressful and annoying from time to time. After only a couple of months of working there, management thought it prudent to promote me to their ranks. I went from being just an average, hardworking employee, like everyone else, to learning how to run a shift on my own and directing other employees in their tasks. I had also obtained a rewarding pay increase of $7.25 to $9.00. I did not take this promotion lightly. If they had seen something in me to make them want to put me in this position, then I was gonna prove it to them. I was very proud of this promotion, and I did all I could to the best of my abilities to show everyone there that I had earned it. The store was equivalent to…

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