A Quintessential Example Of My Personal Decision-Making Theory

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This video is a quintessential example of an interesting theory gone awry. It suffers from intellectually dishonest although technically correct examples, painful analogies and grants Dr. Schwartz the all-important power of ESP as well.

For an intellectually dishonest example, we will use his assertion that the local electronics store houses 6.5 million stereo combinations. That is roughly 20 to the power of 5 times 2. So assume 20 varieties of speakers, headsets, decks, wiring harnesses, bass boxes with only 2 remote control options. Assuming all are compatible, that makes the math work. Are 20 options really too many? I don 't think that seems excessive at all. There is no disagreement that fewer choices would necessarily be a bad
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He mentions the options of A or B and specifically says the doctor is now in the business of "shifting of responsibility of decision making", which seems unlikely to me. I use a variation this tactic all the time when dealing with people. Laying out the options is a responsible option, as is insisting that people make their own decisions. I have a much different view on many things than most people...I live very much through the concept of expected value. If I was given an option to take $50K with no conditions or flip a coin for the possibility of winning $250K, it isn 't a decision for me. The EV of flipping the coin is $125K...easy choice. However, Dr. Schwartz paints this as a bad thing. The reality is that if someone asked me what I would do, it is an easy decision, however I don 't think it is the same easy decision for someone about to be evicted. This is not simply an example of "do as I say, not as I do", it is practical advice.

Another example of Dr. Schwartz and his exaggerations come with his example of the soccer game of the children...with the cell phone on one hip, blackberry on the other and laptop in lap. It is a ridiculous caricature of every "power parent" that has lived. Are there those that could probably pay more attention to their children? Of course, but I challenge anyone to watch a child 's soccer game and actually see someone as he

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