Quindlen 's `` Sex Ed `` By Quindlen. Quindlen Essay

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Anna Quindlen is one of many talents, she is a journalist and a writer, as well as the recipient for the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary. Quindlen began her career at the New York Post and soon after became a columnist for the New York Times. In her essay, "Sex Ed", Quindlen begins her essay by introducing readers back into a time in which she had the opportunity to sit amongst several pregnant adolescent girls from an indigent neighborhood in New York City at a family planning clinic, she tells readers that these adolescents would soon all give birth. Soon after the day at the clinic, she visited a suburban high school in which most of the girls there were well off, and also pregnant, except they would not give birth to the drifting fetus inside of them, as the poorer girls would, they would each have abortions. Though all the adolescent girls Quindlen met with come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and have prepared for their individual futures for themselves and for their babies or not, there’s something they can all relate to, and that’s that they were having sex because it was what adolescents simply do, according to the girls. Quindlen doesn’t condemn the girls for ending up pregnant or having sex, she actually recalls her adolescent years in which nothing seemed to matter more than having sex, this wasn’t a personal view of hers, but a view held by her classmates too, girl or boy. She argues for something more political, something like sex education.…

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