Quilt Square Theme : The Evils Of Capitalism Essay

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Quilt Square Theme: The Evils of Capitalism
How the Theme Applies to the Novel
Upton Sinclair’s novel The Jungle describes many horrors in early 20th century America. Revulsions that Sinclair thoroughly mentions include the dirtiness and filth that existed in American meatpacking industries, the political corruption and mafias that existed in major American cities, the huge homeless proletariat, and the evil misuses of capitalism. Of these horrors, the one that most surprised and appealed to me was how capitalism was abused by the American aristocracy to steal and feed off the less fortunate social affiliations such as immigrants and African Americans.
Sinclair describes the evils of capitalism in many ways. One way Sinclair demonstrates the weakness of capitalism is how it counteracted the true virtues of the American dream. Many common workers in the United States scarcely made a living by working honestly and according to American laws. This comparatively can be substituted with the novel’s protagonist, Jurgis Rudkus. Once arriving to the United States from Lithuania, Jurgis worked diligently in various locations in Packingtown and always found himself in severe financial distress. Converted to today’s currency value, the income Jurgis earned at the meatpackers was about $30 a week. Unable to live a life above poverty, Jurgis partnered with Jack Duane, a fellow jail cell companion, into a life of crime. Immediately, through episodes of muggings and burglaries,…

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