Introverts Persuasive Essay

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Baylee Vaughn
Preliminary proposal 1
October 15, 2017

Have you ever felt alone, isolated, and petrified by social experiences? Or maybe you love talking to new people and trying new experiences. Well, if so you will enjoy the book Quiet the Power of Extroverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, by Susan Cain. This book helps one to better understand introverts and extroverts, and their social role. I am going to share what I believe Susan means by these two terms, the roles I understand each to have, and finally ways to use one’s gifts for something greater. Susan Cain made a great point stating that if we didn’t have introverts, we wouldn’t have the amazing scientists, artists, or the great technology we have today. Imagine life
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A great example of this type of person was Rosa Parks. As we have learned through history, Rosa was considered an introvert; however, she is an amazing woman and someone we can all admire. Martin Luther King was a brilliant example and we honor celebrate his day annually. King stood up for equality—blacks and whites-- in front of thousands of people. It is wise for us to remember that it only takes one person to make a difference. One would be hard pressed to say that any person would not enjoy the chance to change someone’s life or even make his or her day …show more content…
This will be my attempt to stop the judgement of people who don’t really say anything by placing them in one or more categories: those of superiority or classified as rude. I will attempt to introduce the possibility that a person may simply be shy. (Chapter 9). I will bring up the fact that introverted and extroverted people can both feel lonely. Extroverts just are able to hide it because they are prosocial. My example would include all the introverts Susan has named throughout her book that have been influential in today’s world-- Rosa Parks and Van Gogh. Another principle I can add is attitude. Those who are more introverted tend to be less motivated and appear anti-social. I will encourage others to consider that maybe one doesn’t have the motivation to be with people or, perhaps, one could simply be nervous and don’t know what to say or how to start a conversation. Attitudes are influenced by the people with whom one associates; therefore, consider that extroverted friend might rub off on you and vice versa. The next topic I will talk about is culture and norms. In the past, introversion was looked as bad, Cain says, “though shyness per se was unacceptable” (page 25). She also says, “men who were too quiet around women risked being thought gay.” (page

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