Questions: Valentine's Party Games For Girls

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Valentines party games for girls:
1. Name the last thing that you searched for on your phone.
2. Have you ever walked out of your bathroom naked and then realised that somebody was there in your room?
3. Drop some food on the floor and then pick it up and eat it?
4. What is the first thing you would wake up and wish you had you?
5. Perform one act which you would love to do if you were a guy.
6. Look around the room, and tell us who you think is the most depressed one here?
7. Amongst all the people in this room, who do you wish you could be like?
8. Are you scared of scary movies and do you freak out?
9. Do you cover your eyes up during a disgusting and scary movie scene?
10. Name one of your guilty pleasures?
11. Have you
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Who do you hate in this room, and the reasons for your hatred?
24. Who do you imagine your dream guy to be like?
25. Name one song that you would never tire of listening to in the shower.

Valentines party games for boys:
1. Have you ever sampled your own sweat, and then tasted it?
2. When was the last time you washed your own undergarments?
3. Name the most illegal thing you have ever done in your life?
4. Name one scary incident of your life?
5. If someone asked you to trade your sibling for millions of dollars, would you do it?
6. If you had the choice to marry more than one woman, would you marry them all?
7. Name the women you would marry if you could marry more than one.
8. Would you trade your body organs for money?
9. If you were given a choice of hearing just one song for the rest of your life, what would that song be, and who would that singer be?
10. Look around this room, and tell us which girl do you think is the worst one to go out on a date?
11. Has your girlfriend ever embarrassed you in front of a large crowd?
12. Has the thought of cheating on your partner crossed your mind?
13. Have you checked out someone and found that the person was checking you out as
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Name one app that you would like to delete on your phone.
2. When in a relationship, what is your greatest fear?
3. Tell us one positive quality and one negative quality of each person in this room.
4. Describe one disturbing fact about yourself.
5. What is the most dangerous thing you have done till date?
6. Have you smoked any kind of illegal substances?
7. Have you been a part of a drug intake?
8. What is the craziest thing you have done till date?
9. Describe one crazy incident that has taken place while you were under the influence of alcohol.
10. Imagine that you are trapped on an island for 3 days, who of the three people in this room would you like to be trapped with?
11. Have you ever walked nude on a beach?
12. Are you a virgin still?
13. If you were given a choice of marrying anyone in this room, who would it be?
14. Describe one secret place where you have hid things you do not want anyone to know about?
15. If you were given the power to fire a teacher, who would you fire first?
16. What was your very first job?
17. Describe to us your dream job.
18. What gets you so excited, that you leave things behind?
19. How tall do you wish you

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