Persuasive Job Interview Report

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Interview 1: The 65 years male Doctor
What is Motivation and how has your past experience play a role in what you are doing? He answered “Motivation is something that comes from within and pushes you to pursue things and achieve those things. I was born in a very poor neighborhood, both of my parents worked long hours so that my sisters and I can have clothes on our back and food on the table. They didn’t want us to lack anything. At a very young age, I knew I didn’t want to live like that, I wanted to be better. Thus, I made the choice to become a Doctor, I was motivated, and nothing was going to stand in my way of making my dream come true. My past and the struggle my family went through was my motivation to keep moving forward even
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Why or why not? And does the way that you think influence what you do? Why or why not? He answered “Yes, I do believe we are all born with some motivational level, even as babies, we had to have some Motivation to crawl, to walk and to talk. This is why all children crawl, walk, and talk at different a pace. Yes, I believe the way you think does influence what you do, for my example I could have stayed in the same lifestyle as my parent, but I begin to think of being better and living a different life, in which influence me to push myself”. Do you believe motivation is Biological, Learned, Cognitive or a combination of the three? “I think motivation is a combination of Learned and biological. Our brain is designed to push us to do things that we would’ve done if we didn’t have it the beginning, our brain is responsible for many aspects of our lives such as learning and memory. Also, learned of the reason that we learned from others experience and our own experiences, which can motivate you to do …show more content…
“Everyone needs Motivation, Motivation is what help us to succeed in life. I needed all the motivation in the world to complete the nursing program. It was because of my past experience that motivated me to be different. I live in a single mother home, living in a small apartment it was just the two of us but we always struggle. I got really sick when I was 9 years old and I met this amazing nurse that took good care of me. I knew I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. However, nobody told how difficult Nursing School was. Nevertheless, the thought of making a difference in someone else’s life pushed me to complete the program and be where I am today”. Were you born with a certain motivational level? Why or why not? Does the way that you think influence what you do? Why or why not? “The way you think, your belief and how you see yourself and thinking of the difference you can make can make a positive influence everything in your life”. Do you believe motivation is biological, learned, cognitive or a combination of the three? “I truly believe that it is both learned and cognitive, you learned from everyone experiences and your environment. Also, Cognitive because you have to put what you learned into perspective and organized pick and choose what will motivate you to make a

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