Examples Of Realistic Goals Are Integral To Weight Loss

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9. Realistic Goals Are Integral to Weight Loss
If you don’t you will get tired of striving for that big goal and give up. While this may be true for some it doesn’t appear to be for most. There’s nothing wrong with having an aggressive goal, as long as it’s a healthy one and you have a plan worked out of how much weight you should be losing over time to achieve that goal.

10. The Secret to Weight Loss Is Fruit & Vegetables
Of course, fruits and vegetables form a vital part of your diet – however, if you’re hinging your weight loss hopes just on this then you’re in trouble. Eating more of them won’t help you lose weight (or gain weight) because what else you eat matters. Create the right balance to benefit from healthy food options.

11. You
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I’m On a Low-Carb Diet So I Can Eat What I Want
You’ve heard this one a lot, haven’t you? There are two things that a low-carb diet is high in: protein and fat. These food components are satiating which is why researchers never dispense calorie counts in studies on these types of diets. It isn’t because you can eat whatever you want, it’s because you should feel satiated eating normally (without the carbs). Can you see the difference between that and just eating whatever you want, when you want, and however much you want? Those fatty foods are calorific so if you’re over-indulging because you’re on a low-carb diet then not only will you not lose weight, there’s a good chance you’ll gain it.

13. I’m Fine, I Eat Fat Burning Foods
There are foods that can help your body burn extra calories, however, the list of foods that truly does so is short. Additionally, it means nothing if you don’t follow a healthy eating plan outside of that. Adding cayenne pepper to your plate of junk food isn’t going to do anything for you, nor will washing it down with a cup of green tea. These are supplemental aides to assist you in your weight loss journey – not magic fat erasers.

14. I’m Fat Because I Eat
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I Can Eat What I Want Because I Put in Extra Time at The Gym
There’s a saying in certain circles… you can’t outrun your fork. Why undo all your hard work by indulging in high calorie foods as a reward? There’s a difference between a planned cheat meal and pushing yourself harder in the gym so you can go out of your way to eat poorly.

18. The Key to Weight Loss Is Cutting Food Groups Out
Unless your doctor has advised you to eliminate an entire food group from your diet – just no.

19. Women Gain Bulk from Weight Lifting
This is a myth that puts a lot of women off of lifting weights. In truth, resistance training will help you increase your metabolism and build lean muscle. You don’t need to start bench pressing 180, but you shouldn’t avoid weights either.

20. I Can Lose More Weight by Skipping Meals
The only thing this will do for you is decrease your metabolism and it can cause your body to start building muscle for fuel rather than fat. There’s also a good chance you’ll overcompensate at your next meal.

21. I Can Lose Weight Without Exercise
You can’t – you really can’t have one without the other.

22. Low-Fat Means Low In

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