Questions Questionnaire Questions On Investment In Egypt

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Register to read the introduction… How are these money usually spend?
• Education
• [pic]Healthcare
• [pic]Goods imported
• [pic]Emergencies
• [pic]Other (please specify) 18. Does the money remitted are invested in Egypt? (To invest means to spend money on something that then gives you more money (e.g. shop, agricultural land, real estate, etc.)
• Yes
• [pic]No
• Prefer not to say 19. If yes, what is the kind of investment?

20. If you don’t send the money for investmentnot, what is the reason?
• Financial difficulty
• [pic]Legal constraints
• [pic]Risks
• [pic]Religious belief
• [pic]Few information
• [pic]Prefer to invest in the destination country
• [pic]Bureaucratic constraints
• [pic]Corruption
• [pic]Other (please specify) 21. Do you know any programme that encourage investments in Egypt?
• Yes
• [pic]No 22. What do you think should be improved in Egypt to encourage investments?

23. Do you usually receive information about what is happening in Egypt?

• Yes
• [pic]No
• Sometimes 24. If yes, how do you collect information from Egypt?
• Telephone
• [pic]Newspapers
• [pic]Internet
• [pic]Radio
• [pic]Television
• [pic]Other (please
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Which of the following aspects is better in your host country than in Egypt?

• Health
• [pic]Education
• [pic]Gender Equality
• [pic]Political Freedoms
• Infrastructure
• [pic]Other (please specify) 26. Do you usually talk about these aspects with people back in Egypt?
• Yes
• [pic]No
• Sometimes 27. Has any of the previous aspects change your opinion on something?
• Yes
• [pic]No
• Prefer not to say

28. If yes, can you give some examples on how these aspects have change your opinion? 29. Do you belong to a network or organization for Egyptians in the host country?
• Yes
• [pic]No
• Prefer not to say

30. If yes, to which of the following sectors this network/organization belong to?
• Academic
• [pic]Business
• [pic]Cultural-Religious
• [pic]Internet-based social groups
• [pic]Other (please specify)

31. If you have additional comments on the survey, please write it below

Thank you for partecipating to this academic research. If the survey has interested you, please share with anyone that suits the criteria of the survey (migrant of Egyptian nationality in Italy or United Kingdom). If you want to be contacted for follow- up information, please contact me at

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