Questions On Writing Instructions And A Short Game Of Chess Essay

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The ability to relay information through writing in a smooth, fluid form has never been my strong suite. I have always lacked a passion for language and in turn dreaded most English classes and writing assignments. The process of putting my thoughts into words has always been a daunting task. Where do I start? How do I organize my thoughts in an effective manner? The English 280 course has helped me realize my process for writing and that it is possible to learn new perspectives to emphasize my writing. The lessons learned are not also strictly applicable to English. The class has helped me develop valuable communication skills and tools to analyze subjects and situations. One of our first assignments was to read an article “On Writing Instructions and a Short Game of Chess.” The article dealt with the different intelligences of academics and how they prefer to learn. The article states “By opening “composing” to other ways of knowing, we invite students to expand the boundaries of academic knowledge-making by deconstructing the myth that there is one right way of thinking or being smart” (4) The progressive style of approaching writing and learning allows for the student to identify their strengths. The ability to define my individual strengths helped in identifying my process. Once I had learned the importance of developing an approach to writing. Therefore, I was able to relate to a process that was familiar. Once I realized the steps necessary it was easy to make the…

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