Questions On Writing And Writing Essay

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Writing has proven to be a very serious struggle in my academic journey as a whole. I struggle with naturally choosing to write how I speak, and in an academic setting this proves to be very harmful to my grade. This un-academic style of writing cause me to make a 2 on the AP English exam when, if I would have simply taken my time and chosen to write more scholarly, I could have scored a far better grade on the exam and certainly would have been able to exempt English 1101. It is something I know I struggle with, yet I continue to do it. Furthermore, I believe enrolling in Professor Misty Soles English 1101 class truly helped shape my writing to a more collegiate standard. The way Professor Soles conducts class has greatly benefited the maturation of my writing abilities.

I believe the most helpful thing she did to benefit my writing, was the mandatory peer review sessions we were graded on. These session gave us a chance to not only help other students out by offering revision options to their paper, but also, and most importantly for me, it gave me a chance to present my paper to a peer of mine and let them relay what the paper said to them: interpret what I was trying to say. There was a list of questions the reviewer was offered to help determine clarity of the candidate’s paper they were judging. The reasoning for these questions and the process of using them will be discussed in greater detail later in my portfolio, but one of the questions in particular asked…

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