Questions On Writing A Research Essays

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In writing a research paper it’s important to make sure your sources are valid and will help strengthen your claim. To have a persuasive paper and grab the reader’s attention towards the issue you are addressing you need to show readers that you as the writer are giving them valuable and trustworthy information. To do this you need evidence that will help the audience understand the scope of the issue whether it be by using statistics or data in the form of percentages or a flow chart. Sometimes finding sources can become complicated because the topic chosen might be either too broad or too narrow, so when you set out to search for sources your unable to find valuable information. Moreover, it’s important to provide yourself with time when looking for sources because you to need to dig and evaluate each individual source before you can decide to use it in your paper. An effective tip to use when researching for sources is to have multiple topics to explore for sources. Instead of having a set topic make a list of three to four topics for the central idea you want to focus on, then do some per research to see what kind of information you can find and if that information correlates to the chosen topics. The same tip has helped me in my work to narrow or broaden my ideas and is a good method to use so you don’t end up wasting time researching for something that is difficult to back up. You can always adjust your topic, but it’s a good idea to make these adjustments before you…

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