Questions On Vocabulary And Spelling Essay

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Assignment 1 EDF3306
Vocabulary and spelling.
Theories based around the ideas of teaching vocabulary and spelling have informed much of what teachers include in their lesson and how they teach the topics of vocabulary and spelling. Throughout this text, I will touch on the theories informing the research established in this field whilst also looking at teaching vocabulary and spelling in a practical way.
Theoretical Information Included in Digital Resource
The teaching of vocabulary is one of the most important tasks a primary teacher can have. It involves all facets of the curriculum and is needed for a student to ‘read and write effectively,”(Winch, Johnston, Holliday, Ljungdahl, & March, 2011, p. 56). Vocabulary is vital as students must understand what individual words mean if they are to understand a text as a whole. Without vocabulary, students would be unable to succeed in other areas of the school curriculum such as following instructions in cooking or science, or problem solving in mathematics. Consequently, vocabulary is an integral part of reading comprehension (Winch et al., 2011). An educators’ chance of being successful in addressing vocabulary issues in students is much greater in the early years of primary school (Biemiller & Boote, 2006). Biemiller & Boot (2006) also state struggles in reading comprehension can be linked to low grade vocabulary in older primary aged children, highlighting the importance for students to have a vast vocabulary from an…

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