Questions On Understanding Of Animal Vocabulary Essay

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4/5 Spanish Lesson Plans
Student will demonstrate understanding of animal vocabulary
Student will be able to listen to read and read fairy tales/fables, focusing on comprehension and analytical skills.
Student will be able to analyze the fairy tales for common elements and genre characteristics.

Lesson 1: Fairy Tale Introduction and Element Identification Elements
Lesson 2: Introduction of Vocabulary from Story 1, Read Story 1, Comprehension Questions from Story 1
Lesson 3: Introduction of Vocabulary from Story 2, Read Story 2, Comprehension Questions from Story 2
Lesson 4: Comparison and Contrast of Fairy Tales Using a Venn Diagram
Lesson 5: Identifying Elements of Fairy Tales Quiz

Lesson 1: Fairy Tale Introduction and Identification of Elements

Essential Questions:
What are the elements of fairy tales?
Where are fairy tales from and how did they originate?

• Student will understand the different ways that fairy tales can be studied through the setting, culture, origin, and elements of fairy tales.
• Student will know that fairy tales originated as oral tradition all over the world.
• Student will understand the specific elements of a fairy tale.
Setting: takes place in a far off place
Events: contain magical elements
Characters: includes good and bad characters
Message: good characters are rewarded and bad characters are punished
• Student will read picture books and determine whether the story is a fairy tale by analyzing the elements of the…

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