Essay on Questions On The Human Digestive System

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focus; the human digestive system. I begin with open questions to encourage, engage, interest and challenge all students to participate and develop a deeper analytical view to answers. This is followed up with probing learner’s assumptions. This makes them think about the presuppositions and unquestioned beliefs on which they are founding their argument (Wragg and Brown, 2001). Peer interactions are increased and the devotions of learning is raised enthusiastically though management of behaviour.

Students that are unmotivated will not retain information and can lead being a disrupted influence to the class. Motivation is highlighted to be the function of within to master a topic or increase its mastery. It is argued that on applying theory to a classroom a mixture of theoretical perspectives should outline; affective (attitude), social (participation/skills) and cognitive (knowledge) theories. In correspondence Bloom’s Taxonomy states that learning behaviours can be thought of as a “the goals of the training process”. In other words by the end of the lesson the learner will have obtained knowledge skills and attitude.

Affective theory of learning outcomes should be meaningful and accessible to all. ‘Learning to learn’ such as goal setting follows the operant conditioning model. However as a teacher I strongly believe it is the process of learning is far greater than the delivery to obtain goals. The goal is important, but understanding is far greater for the learner’s…

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