Questions On The Goal Of Judaism Essay

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Rabbinics Test #3: Josh Arbess

1) Dennis Prager states that the goal of Judaism is to make a better world, and in order to do so, one must perform mitzvot and be an ethical and holy nation. Prager extends his argument to explain why this is so, explaining Judaism as an Am Segula and a people who spread morals.
The first aspect of this is the Torah serving as a moral code. Humans are not naturally moral; we need guidelines and orders to fulfill goodness. To only have mitzvot lo-ta’aseh is not enough either. Positive mitzvot are what makes Judaism unique, as they provide a dugma to look up to and an organization. Organized religion is how we can make a better world; but, in order to do this, we must follow mitzvot.
Prager’s argument is entirely valid, as human nature is volatile and morality is subjective. Such an example can be seen in secular society: in modern secular nations, there are no laws which mandate being a good person, only to not be a bad person. As such, this creates a society of mediocracy, with little greatness. If we weren’t instructed to be good people, we wouldn’t actively do good.
The effect of the Torah on the Jewish people have turned Judaism into a holy people. We are commanded “L’Takein Olam B’Malchus Shadai”, to repair the world with G-d’s commandments. It’s no question why Jews have won the most Nobel prizes per capita, and done the most good; it’s in our history and blood.

3) In the Jewish world today, over half of non-Orthodox Jews intermarry.…

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