Questions On The Enterprise Cloud Project Management System Essay

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1.4 How should Trever gather feedback about your recommendation?
The enterprise cloud project management system is designed to tie in the whole organization for easy collaboration resulting in saved time and breakthrough ideas to differentiate Boston Scientific. To do this, feedback and recommendations will need to be gathered and assessed which is no easy task due to Boston Scientific’s organization size. We suggest starting to gather feedback about our recommendation by first asking the R&D teams open ended questions about the challenges and time consuming tasks they face with their current local project management process in Microsoft Project or hindrances in collaboration with other departments. This will delineate their issues and line up for a recommendation that will suite their collaboration needs. 2.0 Challenges
In every implementation of a new IT systems , there comes many setbacks. Setbacks doesn’t necessarily mean the project failed or had a negative impact, it just means there are obstacles to overcome. Communications will initially be very challenging, as expected, but that’ll improve as soon as everyone in the organization is on board with the software. When a new system is introduced, usually the impacts don’t always become visible within the first year, it takes time. it is important to be patient with the system and focus on the long term goal rather than the momentary gain. There are a few ways to reduce the challenges that may arise with this software.…

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