Questions On The Data Collection Software Essay

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● 1 Thermometer
● 1 Digital Timer
● Gas pressure sensor
● Logger Pro
● Vernier computer interface
● Laptop computer
● 2 Ring stands
● 2 utility clamps
● 3 400 ml Glass beakers
● 1 Small plastic shoe container
● 6 Sprigs of Elodea
● 1 Hot plate
● 1 Small plastic pan
● Ice to fill the pan
● DI Water
First, turn the hot plate on to start the heating process, careful not to touch it after it is on. Power on the computer and connect the gas pressure sensor to the interface (Lab Quest).
Start the Logger Pro data collection software, if it is not already running, and choose New from the File menu. The software will identify the sensor and load a default data-collection setup. Now the system is ready to start collecting data. This will record the amount of O2 given off by the
Elodea plant during photosynthesis. The results from each trial will be compared to establish a change in the rate of photosynthesis. Carefully, use a utility clamp to secure the thermometer to one of the ring stands. Now, label each of the three 400 ml glass beakers. The first should be labeled "Room ", this will serve as the beaker left at room temperature or the control for the experiment. Label the second beaker
"Warm", and the third beaker "Cold". These two beakers will represent the increase and decrease in temperature during photosynthesis. Next, fill the 400 ml glass beaker labeled
"Room" with 300 ml of DI water. The DI water will be closer to…

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