Questions On The Constitution Of The United States Essay

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It this paper we will discuss three questions concerning the Constitution of the United States. The first question is; 1) is the government proposed by the Constitution a good idea for this country? 2) Is it a practical government? 3) Is it a feasible government? When at first, the Continental Congress had made for the government of the United States, the Articles of Confederation. Overtime it happened; that these articles became insufficient, and a new form of government became inevitable. Therefore, after months of debate, Congress formed an entirely new kind of government known as the Constitution. When the time came for the ratification of the new constitution by the people, it so happened that there were those among congress who did not what the new constitution to be ratified. The party who opposed the ratification of the constitution, were to become known as anti-federalists; and one of the anti-federalists greatest objections was, “can a government comprised of check and balances protect the rights of individuals?” another words the problem was, how to give government enough power to rule without giving it too much power? Overtime, the house was divided into two groups the Federalists, who were mostly high-class businesspersons, slave owners, and bankers; and anti-Federalists, who were mostly lower-class businesspersons and farmers. The Federalists believed in a strong national government and were in support of the constitution. The anti-Federalists believe that the…

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