Questions On The Blame Game Essay example

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1. The “blame game” implies committing mistakes that influence patients ' health due to nursing fatigue and the fear to admit to it. Thus, due to exhaustion as a result of working overtime, nurses tend to have difficulties in paying attention to their work. In the case of any mistake related to dosage of medication or health of the patients in general, nurses are afraid of reporting the error. As a result, the mistakes are not corrected and the consequences can be drastic.
Firstly, in order to avoid such behavior of the nurses, it is important to keep the cases of mistakes private and not to divulge the information about both the nurse that committed the mistake and the patient that suffers. Such step will help the nurse to avoid any additional psychological pressure from both the colleagues and the patients and, therefore, feel less embarrassed to report the mistake.
Secondly, organizations are to develop schedules that consider working “long shifts, night shifts, and rotating shifts, as well as mandatory or voluntary overtime” (Reed, 2013). Such schedule will allow to equally spread the workload with the intention to decrease nursing fatigue. In addition, besides including compulsory shifts, the organizations are to develop a system of choosing the nurses for working extra hours. This, in turn, would allow the workers to develop a normal and stable sleeping routine that is essential for remaining concentrated for long periods of time and thus, making fewer medication…

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