Questions On The And Types Of Bacteria And Fungi Essay

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Oceanography 201
Spring 2016 [120 pts.]
Name: Wainani Wetter
Final Exam

Complete the following sentences with the correct term [20 pts. / 1 pt. each]

DEAD ZONE a). The lack of oxygen in ocean regions creates ____ conditions.

ISOHALINE b). A ___ represent the vertical concentration of salt in the ocean.

EKMAN SPIRAL c). The speed of a wave is known as _____

BIORMEDIATION d). The use of bacteria and fungi to break down oil from a spill is called_____. TOMBOLO e). A ____ is a sandbar that connects an island to the mainland

DEPOSITIONAL SHORE f). The opposite of an erosional shore is a ___.

HIGH TIDES g). The greatest pull of the moons gravity on the ocean occurs at it’s ______.

FLOOD TIDE h). The opposite of an ebb tide is a _____.

ECONOMIC i). The ____ is the political boundary of 200 nautical miles that surrounds islands and extends from shorelines

BIOACCUMULATION j). The build-up of toxic chemicals in the tissues of animals is called ____

Answer 4 questions from each of the sections below. Each question is 5 pts.


Draw and label the basic anatomy of an orbital wave.

Discuss how surface and deep currents are measured.
Overall, wave currents are measured both indirectly and directy. They measure the currents directly using floating devices that are tracked though…

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