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It is also worthy to mention that revisers have to have a critical eye for detail, stamina, patience, the ability to concentrate, and know how to fight fatigue and stress when working under tight deadlines (Šunková 2011, 17).
Profile of the reviser Parra Galiano (2007, 208) argues that the profile of the person who is going to be in charge of revising the translation have to depend on the type of revision that the target text requires. The type of revision will depend on the needs that the target text requires and the specifications of the translation brief (ibid.). In this, Parra Galiano (2007, 209) distinguishes four types of revisers:
1) A subject matter reviser for content revision: this person has an expert knowledge of the topic in the target text, or possesses a great deal of expertise, for checking aspects relative to content like logic, facts, and specialized language.
2) A linguistic reviser for linguistic revision: this person has a profound linguistic understanding for checking aspects related to the target language, namely specialized language, norm and language usage, and tailoring.
3) A reviser-translator for functional revision: this is a person with competent translation skills and has the necessary experience to check aspects related to the function of the target text, i.e. tailoring, accuracy, and completeness.
4) A typographical reviser for revising presentation: this person has experience and knowledge in typography, grammar, and layout. Parra Galiano…

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