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Three essentials things to do in an interview
1- The first and the most important thing to do in a research is: Research the company.
Based on my learning from the booklet of the class and my reading of the Wall Street Journal, research is the best way to become a stand out candidate for the hiring position. You will make a better impression in comparison with other candidates who are competing for the same job position. Moreover, employers are gratified when you have taken the time to study their organization. Research is the best way to learn about what services and products the company has to offer and what qualifications they are looking for in a candidate. Furthermore, the information gained through the research allows you to respond to the questions asked by the hiring manager more professionally and adequately. Moreover, research not only shows what it is important to the company, but it also helps you to predict if their culture, mission and values fit your personality. When the job fits your personality, you tend to be more productive at work which benefits both the company and yourself. Additionally, doing a deep research on the company presents you as a knowledgeable and intelligent person. To illustrate, the first interview that I had was at Puma Store, I did not have any experience of being interviewed thus I did not do any research about the company. The first question asked by the interviewer 's was, “tell me, what do you know about the company?” I could not…

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