Questions On The And Conflict Essay

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Responses to Conflict Typically, the approaches I use to respond to conflict include The Exit Response, where I avoid a discussion entirely because I don’t want to get into a confrontation usually due to time constraints, The Loyalty Response, when I care enough about the other person so as to listen and participate in a solution, or The Voice Response, when I have a close commitment to the other person and conflict is necessary for growth and closeness (Wood, 2013). I never consider The Neglect Response unless I can interpret the other party’s intention as non-serious or sarcastic. Constructive conflict communication is learned. We are either blessed with parents and other family members that taught us good communication skills or we have had to figure it out on our own by seeking out intelligent methods of communication. This course has enlightened me with the skills I need to communicate successfully. One of the many situations in my life in which I utilized the wrong approach to a conflict occurred as follows: I received a phone call from my daughter late one night and she informed me she was about to be taken to jail due to driving with her license suspended. I don’t know why I reacted the way I did at that moment. I believe I had built up enough anger from previous incidents involving my daughter that I blew up on her and insulted her with a profane word that still hurts to even think of. I was infuriated by the knowledge that my daughter, whom I had raised to be…

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