Questions On Teaching Strategies For English Language Learners

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Cipriano, J. (2011). 32 tips for ells. Scholastic Instructor, 36-38.
The author of the article describes 32 tips that teachers can implement for English Language Learners. Such ideas include: ideas for first day of school, ways to help them build vocabulary, and tips for reading lessons. The article provides some useful and innovative guidelines; however, it does not appear to be beneficial because it does not go into much detail about the strategies therefore additional research would have to be conducted. Because the article did not include research from other authors that demonstrated an alternative point of view, we concluded that the author of this article demonstrated biases when writing this article.

Dalton, B., & Grisham, D.L. (2011). eVoc strategies: 10 ways to use technology to build vocabulary. The Reading Teacher, 64(5), 306-317. doi:10.1598/RT.64.5
This article offers ways to enhance explicit teaching strategies. The authors suggested using technology to help students build vocabulary acquisition. The authors felt that explicit vocabulary strategies weren’t enough in assisting students with vocabulary. The article offers ten ways to incorporate the use of technology. Several websites were also mentioned in the article. We like the idea of using the Internet and computers to help students develop their vocabulary, because it allows teachers to use a variety of strategies to expose students to new vocabulary. We concluded that the authors showed prejudice…

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