Essay on Questions On Teaching Geometry And Spatial Sense

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Mathematical Focus: 2-D Shapes and 3-D Objects
In the early years of schooling, children are exposed to 2-D shapes and 3-D objects in their day to day environment (Bobis 128 REFERENCE). It is important that children are aware of the shapes around them in both natural and man-made, to ensure they can engage, understand and apply knowledge of geometry. By exposing shapes to young children, they can begin to know and understand the different and common attributes of particular shapes. Through the exposure of technological devices such as iPads and computers, children start to develop understandings of two-dimensional space (BOBIS 121). Geometry and spatial sense are provide the opportunity for students to develop their reasoning and justification skills (NATIONAL COUNCIL OF TEACHERS OF MATHEMATICS, 2000). The skills developed from engaging in geometry activities assists learning situations across the Australian Curriculum key learning areas (drama, music, geography and physical education).
Teaching geometry, in particular, shapes should enhance the children’s knowledge, skills, dispositions and feelings through play and intentional teaching (REFERENCE). Shape activities assist students to develop intuition and knowledge about 2-D shapes and their connections to the environment. Activities should be based on the way children learn, therefore involving hands-on activities, reflection and discussion will aid the…

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