Questions On Tao Qian ( Tao Yuanming ) Essay

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Topic 5 Tao Qian
I choose topic five to talk about Tao Qian (Tao Yuanming). The main concept “when the mind is far, its place becomes remote” describes the remarkable feelings which are still affecting how people value fame and wealth today. By analyzing two poems written by Tao, “Returning to dwell in gardens and fields I” and “Drinking wine Ⅴ”, we can have a better insight into his mind, his experience and how he has achieved this state of mind in his poetry.

First, I will introduce the poem “Returning to dwell in gardens and fieldsⅠ”. The first sentence “My youth felt no comfort in common things, by my nature I clung to the mountains and hills” opens the gate with recounting the past, claiming that he has disgusted the secular officialdom and loved the almighty nature since he was young. Therefore, this sentence reflects the poet would not get in cahoots with the secular nobility. The second sentence “I erred and fell in the snares of dust and was away thirteen years in all” implies that the poet regretted about the past and deeply introspected his career. Thirty years represents a very long time and by saying this, the sentence reflects that is too late to regret. The third sentence “The caged bird yearns for its former woods, fish in a pool yearns for long ago deeps” uses metaphor to make a vivid image to readers. Fish in the pool and birds in the cage are all yearning for freedom, like the poet yearns for Mother Nature instead of officialdom. What he wants is just…

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