Essay about Questions On Stress And Stress

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(SS: 9) Worry, strain, and difficulty – these are all reactions a person can have when having to deal with stress. In life, a persons can have emotional stress from school, physical stress from sports, and then mental stress from work. Stress from all these places can wear a person down to a point where they just need to rest. That’s one of the problems with the world we live in, there is never any time to slow down and rest. (BE: 2) Bogged down and dishearten, I feel after a week of school. I never really get a break because I always have something to do from school and it last from Monday to Saturday. (SS: 2) I love to sit and relax on Sunday, and my coaches to make us lift or have an “open gym.” Coaches say a person doesn’t have to come to “open gym” but if people don’t show up then those same people will pay for it on Monday. This all has led to more and more stress. Emotional stress is the type of stress that school can create. (SS: 5) At school I have to deal with comments, and teachers, and homework assignments that can all lead to stress. During my senior year the amount of work can really add up between college homework and high school, then on top of that I have to stay after school for sports which doesn’t end until after five or six o’clock. (SS: 4) Normally, when I get home I have to help my Dad, eat, do homework. Sometimes I’ve stayed up till eleven or twelve at night just trying to get all this done. (BE: 6) And then, the next morning I will need to show up…

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