Questions On Social Science Research Essay

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SOC465: Social Science Research
Midterm Examination
Essay One
Choose one (1) of the research questions below and conceptualize and operationalize the variables in that sentence. Make sure to be very clear and thorough. Anyone reading your response should know exactly what you "mean" and how you will measure the variables. Remember what it means to "conceptualize" and to "operationalize" variables.
• What is the relationship between socioeconomic status and education?
Research Design Description
Step 1
Idea/Interest: Identify your interest in marital satisfaction
Step 2
Conceptualize: Indicate what you mean by “satisfaction”
Step 3
Operationalize the concepts: Indicate the types of questions you will ask (or variables you will test) to measure “satisfaction”
Step 4
Research method: Indicate how you will study this topic, for instance, conduct a survey
Step 5
Population and Sample: Define who fits the criteria for your study and determine how participants for the survey will be selected
Step 6
Observations/Data collection: Send the survey to the sampled participants
Step 7
Data analysis: Code and analyze the responses to your survey
Step 8
Application/Report results: Write a paper reporting your findings

Idea/Interest: Identify your interest In the relationship between socioeconomic status and education in a southern rural area?
Do rural area students have the same relationship between socioeconomic status as urban students?
Conceptualize: Indicate what you mean by…

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