Questions On Sex And Gender Essay examples

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Sex and gender may seem to go hand in hand but overtime I learned they are completely different. Our sex is biology, it is the biological characteristic that gives us our reproductive organs, where we are categorized into groups, male and female. James M. Henslin author of Essentials of Sociology a Down-To-Earth Approach explains gender best, “Gender in contrast, is a social, not a biological characteristic. Gender consists of whatever behaviors and attitudes a group considers proper for its males and females” (Henslin, 2015, p.292). When broken down sex and gender no longer sound similar.
Gender matters to everyone right as someone finds out they are pregnant. It also is usually the first question asked by friends and family when they find out someone is pregnant. We celebrate gender. We as a society before a baby is born have a baby shower celebrating gender. A blue themed baby shower and pink baby shower where guest brings gifts they feel fit the gender. For girls it is pink clothing pink play pin and blankets whereas for boys it is the opposite color 2015 a new trend began another celebration for gender as soon as the gender is reveled. Gender revel is a new trend that was picked up heavily in 2015. For example parents will ask their doctor to write down the gender on a piece of paper and send it to a bakery where a cake is made where food coloring is put inside blue for boys, pink for girls, where they cut into the cake the gender is reveled and they celebrate…

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