Questions On Seeking Counseling Services Essay

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Identifying Information
Anna Fitzgerald contacted me about seeking counseling services. She shared with me that she is interested in individual and family counseling. Her family is identified as a Caucasian family. They reside in California. The Fitzgerald family consists of two parents, three teenagers, and an aunt. The family members are: Brian (father), Sara (Mother), Kate (Oldest Daughter), Jesse (Middle child/ Kate and Anna’s Brother), Anna (Youngest Sister), and Kelly (Sara’s Sister/ Kate, Jesse, and Anna’s Aunt). The family dynamic is focused around Kate who has Leukemia. Communication occurs only when discussing matters pertaining to Kate. Anna would like for her family to get back to enjoying one another’s company or just having some family time.
Background Information
Sara is the wife of Brian and mother to the Jesse, Kate, and Anna. She gave up her career and dedicated all of her days and time to caring for Kate. Since she is so focused on caring for Kate, she does not pay much attention to her other two children. She had the hardest time accepting Kate’s desire to die. She did not realize how always saving Kate affected Anna.
Brian is the husband of Sara and father of Jesse, Kate, and Anna. He has a career of being a firefighter. Brian often serves as a foil to Sara. He is more understanding than Sara about how each of the children feel. He spends time talking to the children when he is around however it does show that he uses works as an escape.…

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