Questions On Psychology: Can Laboratory Experiments Illuminate Everyday Life?

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Register to read the introduction… A difference between samples may be “statistically significant” yet has little practical significance. Statistical significance indicates the likelihood that a result will happen by chance. Frequently Asked Questions About Psychology Can Laboratory Experiments Illuminate Everyday Life? The experimenter intends the laboratory environment to be a simplified reality- one that simulates and controls important features of everyday life. It is the resulting principles that help explain everyday behaviors. Concern lie less with particular behaviors than with the general principles that help explain many behaviors. Does Behavior Depend on One’s Culture? Culture- The enduring behaviors, ideas, attitudes, and traditions shared by a large group of people and transmitted from one generation to the next. Even when specific attitudes and behaviors vary across cultures, the underlying processes are much the same. Does Behavior Vary With Gender? Yes. Gender is important to our identity and to others’ perceptions of us. Why Do Psychologists Study Animals? Because they find them fascinating. …show more content…
Is It Ethical to Experiment on Animals? Yes, it is sometimes permissible to sacrifice animals for the sake of human well-being. Animals have themselves benefited from animal

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