Questions On Pressure Sales Paper

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Pressure Sales Paper
Mark Melby
Concordia College

“I agree that I have adhered to the college’s expectations of integrity in the completion of this assignment.”

Mark Melby
Intro: I attempted to be persuaded to buy a computer or a tablet at Simply Mac in West Acres Mall in Fargo, but the two salesman in which I came in contact did not pressure me into buying either. There were very few persuasive strategies involved, and I felt as if I had to carry on the conversation. I was surprised by the lack of interest especially since the laptops I was looking at ranged in price from $1,000 to $1,500. I infer that this was the case due to the location of the store (a mall) and the fact that those salesman probably encounter dozens of people who come into the store for repair questions or simply just to look. When I think about it, often times the question is asked to me by a salesman, “can I help you with anything?” I assume the typical response is “I’m just looking around.” With that being said, it’s more clear to me why the opportunity was less than successful. After careful consideration of what to do next, I decided to go to a shoe store. I went to Tradehome in West Acres. Before I left for my encounter, I had to reconsider what I assumed would be done by the salesman at Tradehome. It was frustrating to have to reestablish ideas and questions, but I felt that it would be a better experience based on my previous visits to Tradehome and other shoes stores. SPLIT UP…

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