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How to write plagiarism free article? Main points to avoid
Plagiarism free article. How to do that right
Plagiarism can be defined in so many different ways, but whichever way you choose to define it, you will still come up with the same thing depending on the context in which you are in. Plagiarism, in essence, is the act of stealing another person’s work, be it in a conversation, writing, song, movie or even an idea and passing it off to others as your own. It can be information that is taken from somebody’s web page, a movie, artworks or any other publishing.
In avoiding plagiarism, it is always advisable for you to recognize the source of your information. This will help you come up with a free plagiarism essay; you can do this by using in-text citation that is, recognizing your source by giving credit to the author or any other source where the article is taken from. Failing to recognize the source, your work will automatically tantamount to plagiarism.
Main mistakes while writing a plagiarism free article.
While avoiding plagiarism, many writers always make a lot of mistakes. The most common mistakes that always appear in the paper are that writers use paraphrased information and they do not or forget totally to provide citations at all. It is advisable to cite information, whether it be, a quoted or paraphrased information. Every source that is cited should always appear in the bibliography or references.
Whenever you decide to do your work by means of paraphrasing…

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