Questions On Parenting Styles And Family Essay

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When it comes to family, there are basic structure and framework to a family and to fully understand a family as a whole or individual from a family, a good place to start would be to investigate the family dynamic and communication and that is where family schemata and parenting styles comes into place. Parenting styles and family schemata both complements each other, which in turn helps with the understanding a family dynamics, and communication pattern and they also contradict each other in the sense that typology is sort of a guidebook (theory) while parenting style is the action already being implemented in the family but, the implementation of what type of parenting style to use in the family spurred from the two basic framework that defines a family schemata.
When looking into family schemata, there are lots that go into family schema which in turn in my opinion basically makes it hard to define in one single sentence or statement. Based on what I know about the word schema, schema is basically a master plan, an organized vision and most importantly, the master concept /guide book on how something works or in our case how a family works. But, the most important thing to me in understanding a family schema is to look into the two-type e of orientation conformity and conversation. When it comes to parenting styles, parenting styles are the styles by which parents use to raise, teach and develop their kids which in turn would help shape the family dynamics. There are…

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