Questions On Mobile Workforce Management

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8. Optimize routing to reduce wait times, decrease fuels costs and improve efficiency.
Tip: The Aberdeen Group estimates that each service truck roll costs $200 - $300, and issues that are not fixed the first time average 1.6 additional dispatches. If we do the math, a company with 100 service dispatches per day, moving from a 75% to an 89% average first time fix rate, will realize savings of $4,400 - $6,600 per day. By implementing mobile workforce management. A company with 100 service dispatched a day can save approximately one million dollars per year! This does not even include the fuel savings, which average around 10% for most companies. USE EXAMPLE HERE REFERENCE ROI CALC
9. Comprehensive mobility should be a part of your strategy
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Don’t allow technicians to be lazy – ensure every work order is completed with all required information and even greater detail when possible.
Tip: This will save you time and energy later on when questions arise about particular customer data.
24. Advocate for your field technicians and they will advocate for your company.
Tip: Having well trained and properly motivated field technicians can help them grow your business through sales and marketing tactics while on the job. They are at the face of your company, so proper training and on-going education to keep their knowledge current, are crucial. Sometimes, an upsell incentive program would help field service technicians push themselves to be the best sales and service combination for your business.
When properly designed and integrated, a comprehensive mobile workforce strategy can transform your business. We hope these tips help you manage your mobile workforce, and if you have not implemented or optimized your technology recently, we highly recommend a system review. From increased efficiency to higher customer satisfaction, an experienced systems integrator is more than someone who installs mobile workforce software, when you choose the right company, you can get an experienced partner who helps you optimize your business. For more information on how Euclides can help you integrate of optimize a Click Software mobile workforce management solution, call us at 617-714-4840 or email us at to discuss how mobile workforce software can help your organization improve customer service and reduce

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