Essay on Questions On Mind Tools Communication Skills Quiz

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Assessment 3: Mind Tools Communication Skills Quiz The Mind Tools Communication Skills Quiz is a questionnaire that assesses the communication process from “sender” to “receiver”. It contains questions on the different channels of communication which include face-to-face, voice-to-voice, and written. I scored a total of 52/80 points. According to my results, I am a capable communicator which sometimes experiences communication problems.
Out of the five categories listed, three categories were average or above average. I expected low results on the Planning Your Message category, as I have a tendency to not be able to articulate what I am trying to say, or in some cases, I blurt out whatever is on my mind regardless of feelings or consequences. During my time as a Section Leader, I had a quarterly review with two of my managers, one of which I did not respect due to her unethical work practices. I naively thought that my review would be the perfect time to voice my opinion about my manager’s wrong-doings. I did not even stop to think about the consequences because I felt I was doing the right thing. Right or wrong, it was not my place to do so, and as a result, the review was disastrous. Regardless of how well I had performed at my job, I was denied a raise and was eventually let go when the opportunity of layoffs came around due to my “negative attitude”. The Choosing the Right Channel category was also one of my weaker points. I had assumed that I had…

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