Questions On Marketing Research, Consumer And Service Services

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1. Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on your experience with us. Your honest opinion is important to us, and we will use the feedback from this survey as we continue to improve our products and services. This survey will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and your answers will remain confidential and will be used for analysis purposes only.

2. Do you currently use T-Mobile as your wireless service provider?
 Yes (1)
 No (4) [TERMINATE]

3. Please enter your age in the space below (enter as a whole number). [IF<18, TERMINATE]

4. We want to be sure we talk to many different kinds of people, so would you please indicate if you or anyone in your household works in any of the following industries? (Select all that apply)
 Retail store (1)
 Bank or other Financial institution (2)
 Marketing research, consumer or competitive insights (3) [TERMINATE]
 Manufacturer or distributor of wireless phones (4) [TERMINATE]
 Manufacturer or distributor of laptop computers (5)
 Wireless telecommunications service provider (6) [TERMIANTE]
 Restaurant or food service provider (7)
 Advertising, or public relations (8)
 None of the above (9)

5. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with T-Mobile?
 Extremely satisfied (5)
 Very satisfied (4)
 Somewhat satisfied (3)
 Not very satisfied (2)
 Not at all satisfied (1)

6. How likely would you be to recommend T-Mobile to others?
Definitely would not recommend
Probably would not…

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