Questions On Management And Job Titles Associated With Each Level

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Katie Tart
BUS 137 FON01 Chapter 1 Exercise - 2016
Management Pyramid SLO #1
Information found in:
Guilford Technical Community College. Principles of Management. USA: McGraw-Hill Education, 2015. Print.

1. Construct a management pyramid in written format to illustrate levels of management and job titles associated with each level.

2. Describe (explain!) the types of decisions each level of management is responsible for.

Starting with top management, these managers are responsible for setting the vision for the company. Their focus is on the long-term through developing goals and making plans to achieve these goals. Top managers answer question such as: where should the company be in 5 years? and: How are we going to get there? Those in charge of managing the company are always looking ahead trying to anticipate problems, find solutions, and move the company forward.

The decisions that middle managers face deal with executing the plans laid out by top management. They must organize resources to make things happen. Creating the action plan and directing lower management is a big part of their job. Middle managers take the ideas of top management and communicate them to lower management in a practical way. Assigning goals, evaluating performance, making adjustments in the plan are ways in which middle managers must make decisions.

First-line managers make the day to day decisions that keep the work flowing. They make decisions about what is done and…

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