Questions On Intrapreneurship

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Register to read the introduction… Someone at the highest level of moral development will risk social rejection to achieve an important ethical objective c. Most people conform to social norms even if they do not have a strong moral self identity d. The consequences of actions are more important than formal rules and laws for determining whether a person's behavior will be ethical

10. Which of the following questions will help individuals and organizations when deciding if their decisions are ethical? a. Do I feel good about this decision? b. Is it balanced? c. Has it been done before? d. Is there a desirable alternative?

Week Three: Introduction to Business Analysis

Objective: Explain entrepreneurship versus working for others.

11. Shelby recently started selling her invention: A bed that uses magnetic forces to appear as if it floats in mid-air. Shelby is a. an arbitrageur b. an entrepreneur c. a speculator d. an account manager

12. Kenya recently quit a job with a large corporation to start her own business. While she realizes that her decision comes with risk, she is excited for the chance to be independent and by the challenges of running her own firm. Kenya is an example of a. an intrapreneur. b. an entrepreneur. c. a venture
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By law, companies cannot hire contingent workers as part of the management team.

25. Which of the following is a challenge that is facing the human resource managers of today? a. Too many unemployed scientists and computer engineers b. An increasing number of Gen Yers in the workforce c. A shift in employee attitudes toward work d. An increased demand for uniformity in benefits offered to employees

26. As part of the HR planning process, the manager begins by assessing the current labor situation at his or her company. Essentially, this means a. preparing job analyses b. preparing job descriptions c. preparing job specifications d. taking an inventory of current employees and their capabilities.

Week Six: Business Analysis.

Objective: Perform business analyses.

27. During a recession, which of the following statements best describe how a business is affected? a. Prices fall, people purchase fewer products, and businesses fail b. Prices rise and people purchase fewer products c. Living standards tend to remain about the same d. More companies seek globalization

28. A SWOT analysis is conducted and some of the details of the analysis include: many choices for customers, very customer oriented, and repeat customers. These are all examples of which part of the SWOT

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