Questions On Initial Posts For Each Unit And Reflect On Your Learning

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1: Review your initial posts for each unit and reflect on your learning. (1-2 paragraphs)
DB -1 – This initial post relating to the DSM 5 gave me some clarification. However, it was not until we actually began using the DSM 5 in depth, that I started to see that I could “eventually” (still working on it), to put it all together. I learned about the consequences the client might experience when given a diagnosis and how it can relate to the way others may view them, the way they may see themselves and the way insurance companies will begin to have some control over their health. Consequently, this part is a little tough to wrap my head around because I feel it takes some of the control out of the counselor and client’s hands.

DB – 2 – At this point I did not feel I had a good grasp on what specifiers were. In fact, I believe I asked a question about this in class. Now I ask myself the question, what is specific to this disorder? Autism Spectrum Disorder became clearer and I learned some new things about the symptoms. In particular, the points I did not realize were symptoms for this disorder, such as the person’s distorted view of trust and who they tend to gravitate to and try to make friends with. I guess this is part of why it is a disorder because most kids will attempt to make friends with those that accept them and treat them kindly.

DB – 3- These cases and posts were interesting, especially because I have a family member who had a chronic anxiety disorder with panic…

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