Questions On Health Related Disorders Essay

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Task 30

1) You have answered the phone, and a woman would like to book her bitch in to be spayed.

Please write down in an easy to understand manner:

a) What questions you might ask her over the phone

• Name and contact details of the bitch and owner
• What is you bitch in for? To be spayed? yes? no?
• Has your bitch had a pre-anaesthetic test?
• If not would you like one prior to surgery?
• Is your bitch on any current medication? (as the may cause a reaction with the anaesthetic drugs)
• Have there been and health related abnormalities over the past few days prior to admittance?(breathing problems etc)
• Has your bitch gained any significant weight recently? How much?
• Emergency contact numbers
• While your bitch is under anaesthetic would you like any other light surgical procedures performed? e.g nail clipping, Dental, microchipping etc

b) What she needs to do prior to bringing her bitch in.

• Fast her for 12hrs
• Keep he isolated so she cant not get to any food or water
• Take her out to the toilet before bringing her in
• Make sure you bring her in on a lead and collar

c) Briefly indicate to her what happens once he bitch arrives, i.e cover pre-med, anaesthetic and surgery.

• A clinical examination will be preformed by the vet nurse and any abnormalities (if any) will be reported to the vet and then if necessary the owner will be contacted
• The bitch will then be weighed to calculated the pre-med and anaesthetic drugs
• Then a pre-medication will…

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