Questions On ' Guards Out ' Essays

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“Guards out. We have to take the kitchen route.” Greg seemed to really clean up when he realized who was standing in his way of getting inside to his bed. “No. Kitchen will be deserted for another hour.” “Means it 's the perfect time to go.” “Greg your mother goes in the morning before they get started. She likes her fruit. We have to take the servers wing.” Shaking his head, 'no, no, no, won 't work. Nola is supervising this week. She 'll have my head.” “Nola? Are you serious? Did you not just tell me the maids were off limits?” “Well they normally are but Nola, she 's different, she 's...” he tried to think of something, Greg normally did try. “No, just don 't Greg.” “Noah, I am serious Nola is fire. She really gets me.” “Yeah I bet she does. Maids off limits.” “Nola doesn 't call herself a maid, she 's a hospitality worker.” Noah, just started to laugh, yes that 's what their titles were, but basically it boiled down to them being cleaning crews although they do much more than that. Nola was of a higher learning collaboration. It was interesting to see he come to work at the Main House. But now it seemed to always make sense. “So let me guess you dumped her? Didn 't call her after you?” “No, nothing like that. In fact, we haven 't done anything which is why she 's not happy with me. She keeps trying to and well maids are off limits.” Greg spoke slowly explaining the whole thing. “Well, maybe you can go with her if…

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