Questions On Growth Mindset Theory Essay

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1. Growth Mindset Theory describes how children (and adults) tend to develop fixed mindsets regarding the study of math. How would you help children (and adults) develop a growth mindset in terms of their approach to learning mathematics?

A growth mindset is one that is not fixed. You are open to change. A fixed mindset is one in which they believe that intelligence is a static trait whereas a growth mindset is where they believe intelligence can be developed by various means such as through effort and instruction. It is proven that everyone’s intellectual ability can grow. This being said, people can be hindered to the fixed mindset based off how they speak. The first step in developing a mindset where students are willing to have a positive thought process is helping them fix their language. It’s important to have students not give up on themselves. If they say they are bad at math, have them fix it by saying, I am struggling at math but I will get better. Hearing and thinking more positively will help students and even adults believe their words and actions. When students are told that they will not be able to do something, it hinders their education and they believe it especially when it is said time and time again. Another example of this is when a student says that they are dumb. It is important to correct this and say that “you are trying very hard and you will get better at it with practice”. We all need to learn that we make mistakes all the time and it is…

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