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Ways to Hone Your Intuitive Skills
By Andrea Thiel Connell | Submitted On May 03, 2010

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Expert Author Andrea Thiel Connell
Although we like to think that our intuition is natural and always right, it isn 't. Using and working with your intuition requires that you learn to develop your skills of listening, watching, and understanding, especially if other people are depending and relying on the information you have to share.

i) practice reflection: learn to look at the world as a mirror of yourself. What are the people around you showing you? Watch your responses. Get to know how you really feel about things, people and situations.

ii) practice meditation: learn to develop true stillness and peace of mind. Develop the skill to stop the mind chatter at will. Learn to be patient with yourself and how to be present without having to determine anything.

iii) practice contemplation: think about things. Ask yourself the big questions - why are we here, who or what is God, why do babies and other innocents get sick and die, etc. Develop a life philosophy, get to know where you stand on all sorts of world and philosophical issues. Everyone has…

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