Questions On Financial Accounting Theory Essay

1530 Words Oct 15th, 2016 7 Pages
I must admit, when I was enrolling for this semester and scrolling through the list of courses that I have left to complete my degree, Financial Accounting Theory did not jump out as one I was eager to enroll in. I did not expect to encounter “theory” things related to accounting, which has always been a vague and abstract critique of common-sense notions to me. I have been in several financial accounting courses, and it was always the accounting regulation part that most puzzled me, so not surprisingly, I anticipated that this course would be a nightmare for me.

The first class gave me a lot of concerns as I read the assessments on the study guide, which were so much different from the ones for traditional courses. The weekly case study writing and presentation were the ones that worried me the most as it has always been time-consuming for me to write a formal essay, and I am not necessarily a vocal person. During the first few weeks, my attention to the detailed terminology in the textbook and lecture slides really made me overwhelmed, and I lost interest in this course. I really had the wrong direction in my learning approach because I believed that I must understand every single word thoroughly to be able to apply theories. I consider my main weaknesses to be that I have to do extensive research on every topic and really go through the lecture material a couple of times before I truly understand it and can apply it in a case study. There are also many slang words in…

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