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Final Exam
Question 2
Szasz begins his essay by telling the reader that a fundmental characteristic of humans is becoming habituatated or addicted to things of life . Szasz voiced that not only are narcotics addictive but such “daily life” routines like drinking milk at breakfest, reading a book before going to sleep, and shopping at times of stress. He compares these habitual rountines with that of the addiction of addicts to various chemical agents and physical stimuli. He gives the example of a human smoking for the first time and recieving nothing more than a headache and nausea to the same person smoking 3 packs for a year and having pure joy from the cigarettes. The ciageratte habit according to Szasz can be broken without medical assitance granted that the addict wants to break the addiction. Szasz gives the suggestion that often time addicts don’t want to break the habit. If the addict doesn’t want to break the habit why should he? Szasz believes that if the addict can live a normal life while under any drugs influence then it should be fine because it is none of the governments business what drug he puts in his body. Szasz then gives examples of a addicts that live normal lives while doing drugs. In a 1928 study by Lawrence Kolb, Out of 119 people addicted to narcotics, only 29 of those people had bad industrial records. One of these subjects was a women . This women was 81 years old and still mentally alert even though she was taking 3 grain of morphine…

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