Questions On Fbi Law Enforcement Bulletin Essay

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FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. Apr2016, p1-6. 6p. Meloy talks about how terrorist act and how we can spot them out. Meloy and his colleagues have done research to identify the patterns of behavior of how terrorism happens. In the past 6 years, Meloy has noticed that traditional violence like psychiatric disorder or drug abuse is somewhat useless in predicting a terrorist act. Meloy goes saying that terrorist actions are attention-seekers. They prey on large targets and instrumentally planned them purposefully for offensive operations. Further, onto the article, Meloy speaks about the types of behaviors that can occur in a terrorist, the identification of a terrorist, and through communication.
The article of Meloy’s is quite decent as he seems to put a lot of his opinion into his research of identifying terrorists. However, his opinions are too bias and it downgrades the information that is given to the audience. Take this as an example, “Traditional violence riskfactors -- historyofsuch behavior, psychiatric disorder, or drug abuse -- are somewhat useless in predicting the risk of lone terrorist acts.” When Meloy used the word “somewhat” to describe his idea, it sort made his statement less believable. That qualifier had me have second thoughts about the rest of his research conduct he provided.
The article of Meloy, J. Reid, where he speaks about the individual behaviors of a terrorist and how to identify them won’t be of much use for my paper. The article was a bit too…

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