Questions On Ethics And Morals Essay

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1. Ethics vs. Morals
The principal objective of this assignment is to understand the difference between ethics and morals and their perspectives because it seems that most people think that both are the same and they think it is not an important topic to apply in our daily life and business. Since I was a child, I had learnt in different ways the meaning of ethics and morals, so I did know the difference between each other, but to be honest, when I started this course I was still confused. Therefore, during this course I will learn more knowledge and I will have the ability to explain each topic. The main objective is to know the meaning of each word and the differences, and then let me explain the ethical perspectives such as utilitarianism, Rawls’ justice and fairness and… and how I can apply them in daily life and business.
Let me introduce the topic with clear meaning, according to the knowledge I got in class, it can be explained clearly that ethics come from a society which means that is a study of right and wrong but morals come from the personal values. As everyone knows ethics and morals have a relationship between them, but they have different ways of study as I said before, but many people think that they are the same and that is why I will start with this assignment because I would like to show in a simple way the differences of these ones. For almost everyone is clear that ethics are the complement of morals because they are the study of the morality,…

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