Questions On Ethics And Moral Judgements Essay

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Metaethical Frameworks
Metaethics is a question of not what should we do but why should we do it. It breaks the idea down that you decision is based on good and bad. But what is good and bad? Who determines what is good and bad? Is it an idea from inside of a person or group of people? If you determine that what is right for you might be wrong for someone else, who is right? Everyone has their own internal moral code that decides right and wrong. There are several questions that metaethics asks. They include questions such as, what is the meaning of moral terms or even moral judgements, what is the nature of moral judgements and finally, how can someone support or defend a moral judgement? The first question discusses again the meaning of right, wrong, good or bad. The second question deals with whether moral judgements are universal or do the judgements only apply to a particular person or situation. The final question goes back to the original thought in this paper as to how an individual can know whether or not they are doing good or bad or whether their decision is right or wrong. Some would argue that these are three separate questions and are unrelated to each other but there are others who would argue that the answer to one could lead to answers for the others therefore tying them together. Metaethics doesn’t look to evaluate specific choices like other types of ethics but it might help a person decide their own values. By defining what is moral to a person, you can…

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